This week has seen the end of an era at the Hesketh Bank as Vaughan Birkby was asked to stand down as our 1st team manager. All the key events of the week are described below.


Thursday 27th May 2010 - After a successful season managing our once redundant reserve team Andrew 'Nipper' Burns has been appointed as the new 1st Team manager with immediate effect. Andrew spent much of his playing career at Hesketh Bank and was one of the few local based players to keep a regular starting place in the teams of Paul Comstive. Two badly broken legs would cut short his playing career and move him into a management position at Tarleton where league honours would be added to his CV.

Last season Nipper took control of our Reserves and took a team who'd finished second from bottom a season earlier to the brink of promotion in the space of just twelve short months. The club wishes Andrew well during the coming season and hopes that players, coaches and officials will give him the support he needs to move the club forward.


Thursday 27th May 2010 - After the promotion of Andrew Burns to the 1st team role the vacancy left in the Reserves has been filled by the popular Junior coach Shadab Iftikhar, better known to you and me as Evergreen. The 21 year old takes over with immediate effect and is working towards his UEFA B Coaching licence. This is a superb acquisition for the club and we're very excited to have Evergreen on the new management team.



Thursday 27th May 2010 - After Vaughan Birkby stood down as 1st team manager the commitee reluctantly accepted his resignation as an executive and club member. On behalf of the club we thank him for his tireless and sometimes thankless work over the past 25 years.

This is genuinely a sad moment for the football club. Not everyone saw eye to eye with Vaughan but his commitment to the Amber and Black could never be denied. Three and a half years ago he took over in difficult circumstances and against the odds, and with a little bit of luck, ensured the consolidation of our status as a West Lancs 1st division team. Along with this it was fitting to see Vaughan rewarded with a trophy this season. For this he deserves congratulating.

I know that the decisions made over the past few days have been difficult for all involved and none have been made without a huge amount of consideration and consultation. Obviously the views portrayed by Vaughan in his resignation letter are not shared by other members of the football club but in respect to Vaughan and in the interest of balance we have published it on the website for all to see. We hope any differences Vaughan has with the football club can be put to rest as the dust settles and the new season begins.Click here to read his resignation letter.

Thank you Vaughan and good luck for the future.



Monday 24th May 2010 - After a conversation with Chairman Paul Sergeant Vaughan Birkby has been asked to stand down as manager of Hesketh Bank 1st team. The club wishes to thank Vaughn for his considerable work over the past few years and hopes to see him remain a part of Hesketh Bank AFC in an executive capacity.

His replacement will be named at this week's executive committee meeting.